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The Msa End of year exhibition, 2020.

The Manchester school of architecture end of year exhibition.

After a very long and unfortunate year for the world, where bad news seems to be coming in package deals, the Manchester school of architecture have been able to create a platform that allow their graduating students to celebrate their work.

What would have been the annual public open door exhibition, cannot function as usual this particular year due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus the Manchester School Of Architecture has pioneered with a solution for a digital platform, allowing all their architecture students to have their work exhibited, and therefore celebrated. Amidst the expected graduations and events being cancelled, this is good news for all the hard working students, and an opportunity for the world to perhaps get a grasp of something new.

The benefit of this online presence is not only that more students can showcase their work, but the exhibition will be up for a lot longer, compared to the original physical exhibition. This opportunity, a silver lining in the chaos around the world, allows for a bigger audience to see the variety of amazing work offered, and it also allows graduating students to direct potential employers to their profiles as they advance their career. A supplement to their portfolio.

Where can you find it?

Following this link, will take you to the main page of the exhibition. To find my profile, follow this link.

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